Wine List

Red wines (By Bottle)

Shiraz $35.95

Aromas of ripe berries fruits and spice,

Pinot Noir, Santa Barbara, California $35.95

Deep ruby color. with a full body and full annatic bouquet

Mouton Cadet Rouge, France $39.95

Seductively, nicely open nose with intense aromas

Cabernei Sauvignon, Chile $37.95

Powerful. stylish, beautifully balanced wine. lingering aftertaste

Chianti DOCG, Italy $35.95

A lovely. velvety wine with a soft texture and plenty of tobacco. Cherry and berry character

Cotes du Rhone Village, Domaine Renjarde, France $37.95

An aromatic. robust wine with peppery overtones and rich. fragrant bouquet

Merlot, California $35.95

An amity and aromatic well rounded on palate. quality wine From grape.; grown in California

Malbec Reserva, Argentina $49.95

Intense Red with plum aromas and light taste of chocolate
That makes Velvety palate: Ideal with red meats

Malbec, Argentina $35.95

Red granate color. red fruit aroma balanced and great full palate
Ideal to accompany red meats

CAB, Argentina $35.95

Roby red wills red pepper aroma with a light touch of eucalyptus
Great body ideal with roasted meats

Cab Reservai Argentina $49.95

Intense ruby red blackberry
Greate taste ideal with red meats

House & Dessert Wines

Red/White wine by Glass (Premium) $8.00
Red/White wine by Glass $7.04
Marvoclaphie of Patraslfrecce(Red) $7.00
Mustat of Patras,Greece(whitc) $7.00

White Wines by bottle

Chardonnay, Geyser Peak, Sonoma county, California $35.95

Very crispy and fruity with nicely balanced peach and melon flavors

Chardonnay, New Zealand $35.95

Very crispy and fruity with nicely balanced peach and melon flavors

Sauvignon Blanc, Chile $35.95

A full bodied and intense wine with luscious melon and grassy flavors

Pinot Grigio, Italy $41.95

Full and fresh with tropical fruits, rose petals and tulips. It finishes with lingering flavors of mango, apple and banana

Chardonnay, Kendall-Jackson, California $47.95

Very crispy and fruity with nicely balanced peach and melon flavors

Gewurztraminer, Covey run, Washington State $35.95

A fruitful wine with lots of pretty spice aftertaste

Riesling, Kendal-Jackson, California $39.95

Stone-fruit flavors of apricot and peach deliciously mingle with hints of Anjou pear and bursts of jasmine

Chardonnay, Argentina $33.95

Pale yellow with tropical fruit aromas and hints of critic fresh good acidity. Ideal to accompany with meat and fresh green salad.

White Zinfandel, California $31.95

Charddonnay Reserva $49.95

Attractive yellow with golden tones, tropical fruit with hints of vanilla and coconut.
Ideal with poultry and seafood


Moet & Chandon (white star) $90.95
Moet & Chandon (red star) $99.95
Moet & Chandon (white star) (split) $25.95
Martini & Rossi Asti Spunmante (split) $15.95
Korbel Michelle Brut California $35.95